Ep. #3779

Season 16, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 4/19/2002
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Whip assures his mother that he‘s not giving up his future for Brooke because Brooke is his future. He tells Joy that he loves Brooke. Erica calls Alisa from the hospital, excited that she‘s going to find Amber Forrester. Amber begs the nurse for another pain pill. When she is sedated, she dreams about giving birth and hearing the doctor say that it‘s her fault the baby died. When Taylor offers to counsel Amber, Rick wonders if she could give him a referral because Taylor may be a good psychiatrist, but she‘s also Ridge‘s wife. Rick wants to take care of Amber and can‘t think about Ridge or family problems right now. Erica overhears Rick saying that Amber lost the baby. Erica slips into Amber‘s room and tells Amber how much she admires her. She adds that Amber‘s been through a terrible tragedy, but there are people that Amber doesn‘t even know who are pulling for her. Amber wants to know who Erica is and what she‘s doing there. Erica admits that she‘s a fan of Amber‘s, and Amber is her hero. Whip tries to cheer Brooke up, but Brooke insists that there‘s no way he can make her feel better. Whip insists that helping Brooke has made him happy the way nothing else ever has. Whip declares that he loves her and asks her to marry him.