Ep. #3778

Season 16, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 4/18/2002
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Eric informs Stephanie that Massimo is dismantling their lives and won‘t be satisfied until he destroys everything that binds their family together. He wants to know why Stephanie is living with Massimo. She explains that she is trying to protect their reputation, but Eric thinks she‘s doing just the opposite and will create another sex scandal once word gets out about her living arrangement. When Massimo arrives to pick up Stephanie, Eric urges her not to leave tonight when he and the family need her. Stephanie knows that she has to go with Massimo. Erica reads about Amber‘s surgery and decides that she has to go to L.A. Alisa realizes that she‘s going to try to meet Amber. Erica books a flight and slips out of the house. Ridge and Taylor go to Amber‘s room to offer their condolences. Taylor explains to Rick that no matter what‘s happened, Ridge and Rick are still brothers. Ridge expresses to Amber and Rick how sorry he is for their loss. Rick misinterprets Ridge‘s words, and accuses him of thinking this is what Amber deserves for stepping on Ridge‘s toes. Ridge insists that he feels terrible about their loss, but adds that it doesn‘t change his objective. Taylor comforts Amber and says that she‘s suffered a terrible tragedy, but she has so much to be proud of. Amber explodes that she doesn‘t care about her collection because her baby is dead. She tells Taylor that she hasn‘t changed. Amber feels she failed, and let her baby die.