Ep. #3777

Season 16, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/17/2002
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Stephanie embraces Rick as he sobs. Eric comforts him and says the whole family is there for him. Rick tells Bridget that Amber is devastated. Dr. Wilson explains that this will be difficult for all of them, especially Amber, and suggests that she might want to talk to a counselor. Amber cries, telling herself that her baby is dead and it‘s all her fault for not listening to the doctor. Bridget approaches Amber and says how sorry they are, and that Amber didn‘t deserve what happened. She adds that Amber is a Forrester, and the Forresters all pull together when there‘s a crisis. Amber keeps hearing the doctor‘s voice, reminding her that she has to take care of herself to protect her baby. Two girls, Alisa and Erica, look at Amber‘s collection on the website. Erica admires Amber‘s drive and ambition and notes to Alisa that Amber has shown them that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. Erica reads about the showing and is stunned to read about Amber‘s collapse. Stephanie knows that Amber blames herself for the baby‘s death but assures Amber that she couldn‘t have prevented it. Amber insists that she‘s responsible for her two dead babies because she was greedy and thought only of herself. Stephanie embraces Amber, urging her to let go of the guilt. Eric comforts Bridget and Rick as Rick cries that his little girl is gone.