Ep. #3776

Season 16, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 4/16/2002
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Amber tells Rick that she can relax now and focus on the baby. She sees the tears on Rick‘s face and asks him what‘s wrong. Amber is terrified when she realizes she‘s no longer pregnant and frantically asks Rick where the baby is. Amber panics, knowing it was too early to deliver the baby but tries to reassure herself that the baby will be okay. Amber wants Rick to take her to see their daughter, but Rick finally blurts out that the baby didn‘t make it. He quickly explains to Amber that it wasn‘t her fault but Amber believes her babies were taken away because she didn‘t deserve them. Rick holds Amber, assuring her that no one deserves happiness more than she does and he promises it will happen for them. Thorne informs Ridge and Taylor that Amber lost the baby. Ridge asks Thorne to let Rick know he‘s sorry, but Thorne suggests that it come from Ridge. Taylor notes to Ridge that losing a child is an irreplaceable loss, and a part of Amber has just died, too. Stephanie thinks that someone should be with Amber and Rick when Rick breaks the news. Eric says that Rick is there for her. Bridget reveals to Stephanie that from what the doctor said, it sounded as if Amber may not be able to have more children. Stephanie wonders how many times someone can face such disappointment and be knocked down without losing all hope.