Ep. #3775

Season 16, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 4/15/2002
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The doctor informs Rick that Amber is out of surgery and it looks as if she will make a full recovery. Rick is relieved that the baby is fine. As Amber regains consciousness, she dreams that she had a baby girl. Stephanie hears about what happened to Amber and is determined to go to the hospital, despite Kristen‘s efforts to keep her away. Kristen explains to Tony that Rick has enough to deal with tonight without Stephanie being there. The doctor reveals to Rick that emergency surgery was needed to save Amber‘s life. She was not suffering from a kidney stone, as they initially thought, but a renal artery aneurysm which was much more serious and caused her to go into acute kidney failure. When Eric asks how the baby is, the doctor breaks it to Rick that Amber lost the baby during surgery. Rick blames the stress of the fashion show, but the doctor assures him that no one could have predicted what happened. Rick goes in to wait for Amber to wake up, and braces himself to break the news to her. Stephanie asks Eric if there‘s any news, and he and Bridget fill Stephanie in on what happened. Amber wakes up and asks Rick why he looks so sad.