Ep. #3774

Season 16, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 4/12/2002
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Deacon promises Bridget that they will tape her big moment for Brooke. Ridge and Stephanie try unsuccessfully to take their minds off the showing. Stephanie is sure that it‘s as difficult for Eric as it is for Ridge. She admits that she‘s happy for Amber and asks Ridge not to hold what‘s happened against her. Ridge believes that Eric will see his legacy destroyed today, but admits that even though he has it coming, Ridge can‘t help but feel for him. Amber thanks Rick for believing in her. She can‘t believe how much her life has changed because of his love. Before the showing begins, Amber addresses the group and thanks them for being a part of this day. She also thanks Eric for making all their dreams possible. Eric announces that he is looking at "The New Faces of Forrester." He assures them that Forrester is still the best of the best. The showing begins and Rick is thrilled with the enthusiastic response from the reporters and buyers. Rick introduces Amber to the crowd and as Bridget models the showstopper, Amber sings the song that inspired her. Amber is basking in the applause when she suddenly collapses. Rick rushes to her and yells for someone to call an ambulance.