Ep. #3773

Season 16, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/11/2002
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As final preparations are underway for the showing, Amber admits to Deacon that she‘s dreamed about a moment like this all her life. Deacon and Bridget share their concern for Amber, who refuses to slow down and rest. Amber announces that a new chapter of Forrester Creations begins tomorrow and promises that they will shake the world. Stephanie explains to Taylor that she‘s not going back to Eric. Taylor urges Stephanie to talk about the real reasons, but they are interrupted by Ridge, who‘s come to share his news. Ridge asks if Stephanie has any idea why Massimo would do this for him. Stephanie doesn‘t want to get involved in Ridge‘s decision, but assumes Ridge will refuse the offer. Ridge informs Stephanie and Taylor that he‘s accepted it. Massimo reveals to Eric that he and Stephanie had a bond so strong that it was inevitable that they would find their way back to each other. Eric swears that Stephanie isn‘t in love with Massimo and realizes that they haven‘t slept together. Massimo refuses to discuss his sex life, but points out that he not only has Stephanie now, but he has Ridge as well. Eric insists that Ridge is on to Massimo and will never trust him again. Massimo admits to Eric that he‘s hired Ridge to run Marone Industries and made him the sole heir to his estate. He adds that he‘s providing for Ridge and his family - something that Eric failed to do.