Ep. #3772

Season 16, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 4/10/2002
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Deacon wants to put everything on hold, but Amber refuses to cancel the preview. Deacon insists that they can‘t roll out a new line with the head designer home in bed. Amber is finally able to convince Deacon, Megan and Bridget to go on with the show. Bridget wishes Brooke could be there for her first walk down the runway. She warns Amber not to push herself too much. When Bridget is gone, Amber feels a twinge of pain. Whip offers Brooke words of encouragement. Brooke thanks Whip for all he‘s done. When Whip is gone, Brooke gives in to her emotions and calls Deacon. She wants to tell him that she loves him one last time, but adds that this is good-bye forever. Massimo reveals a magnificent office to Ridge. He encourages Ridge to use the office and the resources of Marone Industries to plan his revenge against those at Forrester who wronged him. Massimo explains to Ridge that he needs someone to continue his work after he‘s gone and offers to make Ridge his sole heir. Ridge wants Massimo to level with him, and explain why he has chosen Ridge. Massimo assures him that the only payback is that Ridge makes him proud and proves that he made the right choice. Massimo is thrilled when Ridge accepts, and the two men embrace.