Ep. #3771

Season 16, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/9/2002
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Eric informs Thorne that Stephanie is coming home to stay. Massimo tells Stephanie that they were robbed of a life together. When Ridge calls and agrees to see Massimo, Stephanie reminds him not to make any confessions, which Massimo agrees to as long as he has her. Bridget goes to apologize to Ridge, but Taylor curtly explains that Ridge lost his company and possibly his career thanks in large part to Rick and Deacon. Taylor accuses Bridget of being part of Massimo‘s plan and as culpable as the rest of them because she didn‘t try to stop it. Taylor assures Bridget that Massimo is her problem now because Ridge will never go near him again. Ridge orders Massimo to get out of his life and to stop calling Taylor. He demands to know why Massimo is messing with his life and wants to know what it will take for Massimo to get the message that Stephanie belongs with Eric. Massimo tries to explain that he can‘t reveal to Ridge everything right now and refuses to stay away from him. Ridge warns Massimo that they either part as enemies and stay clear of each other, or Ridge will fight him to the death. Massimo wants to show Ridge the door to his future. Eric takes Stephanie in his arms and assures her this will be an anniversary they‘ll never forget. He gives Stephanie a gift just before she breaks it to him that she had a change of heart and moved in with Massimo. Eric is devastated and insists she leave.