Ep. #3769

Season 16, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/5/2002
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Amber‘s pain subsides and she decides to show Rick how much she loves him. She goes up on stage and dedicates a song to him. When it ends, they kiss. Rick and Amber agree that they‘re going to give their baby a wonderful life. Amber suddenly collapses in pain and urges Rick to call an ambulance. Bridget can‘t understand why Brooke would have run off to Paris. Whip tells Brooke that she shouldn‘t have sent Deacon a letter and reminds her what would happen if Bridget or Stephanie saw it. Deacon reads the letter in which Brooke professes her love but asks for a clean break. He feeds the letter into the shredder. Bridget notices that Deacon is upset, but Deacon insists that he‘s just overwhelmed by everything going on in his life right now. Bridget is thrilled when Deacon informs her that as of this moment, she is his number one priority. They kiss. Brooke is angry when she catches Whip reading her letter, but he congratulates her on breaking off her relationship with Deacon. He assures her that she‘s done a great thing for her children, and someday she‘ll realize it was best for Deacon and her, too. Whip adds that Brooke can depend on him to be there for her.