Ep. #3767

Season 16, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/3/2002
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Brooke and Deacon make love in Brooke‘s office. When Brooke snaps back to reality, she is horrified, and tells Deacon it never should have happened. Deacon cuts off Brooke‘s protests, insisting that they can‘t keep lying and they have to confess to Bridget. Brooke decides to move to Paris because she has to protect Bridget and the truth would kill her. Half dressed, Deacon follows Brooke and implores her not to leave. He kisses her, and she runs out. Stephanie reminds Sally that Brooke‘s vicious cycle with men won‘t end until she meets her real soulmate. Stephanie doesn‘t think Whip could ever satisfy Brooke, but adds that he might be able to keep her in line. Her hope is that if Brooke meets Mr. Right, she‘ll leave the rest of them alone. Sally adds her wish that Brooke and her true love would be tragically separated, the way Brooke divided Thorne and Macy. Whip informs Bridget that Deacon isn‘t the man she thinks he is. Bridget appreciates Whips efforts to take care of Brooke, and Whip hopes that someday Brooke will, too. Megan explains to Whip that unless Deacon can stop her, Brooke is leaving the country. Deacon follows Brooke onto the plane and tries to get her to leave with him. Brooke asks Deacon to give Bridget a chance. Whip joins them, and announces that he‘s going with Brooke to Paris. When Deacon is gone, Whip assures Brooke that she‘s doing the right thing, and he‘s going to help her through this.