Ep. #3766

Season 16, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/2/2002
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Bridget is taken aback when Thorne admits to her that he feels sorry for Whip because he thinks Whip is falling in love with Brooke and Brooke doesn‘t seem to feel the same about him. Whip informs Brooke that she has to make a choice between Bridget and Deacon. She can‘t have them both, and every time she‘s with Deacon, she betrays Bridget‘s trust. Bridget walks in on them and wants to know what they were discussing. They cover, explaining that Brooke has reservations about Bridget modeling the Ambrosia line. When they‘re alone, Brooke tells Deacon she‘s sorry, but Whip was right. Deacon protests, and explains to Brooke how much he needs her. They kiss passionately. Stephanie notes to Sally that she shares her loss. She insists that Macy‘s death was the greatest tragedy in Thorne‘s life and she‘s sure they would have worked things out if Macy had lived. Stephanie instructs Sally to direct her anger at Brooke because it was Brooke who killed Macy. Stephanie points out that after all these years, they finally have something in common; they are both Brooke‘s victims. Stephanie realizes that she and Sally should be allies, not enemies, and that they should work together to keep Brooke from destroying another life.