Ep. #3765

Season 16, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 4/1/2002
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Whip urges Brooke to let him love her ... for Bridget‘s sake. They are about to kiss when Bridget interrupts. She assures them nothing would make her happier than if Whip and Brooke got married. Bridget adds that she wishes Deacon was as romantic and supportive as Whip. Ridge is stunned when Eric reveals that it was Massimo who taught Rick everything he knows. Massimo pleads that he has Ridge‘s interests at heart, but Ridge demands to know who gave Massimo the right to control his life. He insists on knowing why Massimo destroyed his career. Massimo explains that his plan was to give Ridge a better life. Ridge is enraged and is about to deck Massimo when Eric stops him. Ridge promises that Massimo hasn‘t heard the last of him and vows revenge. Eric warns Massimo to stay away from his son. Megan accuses Deacon of being jealous of Whip even though Deacon persists that Whip is a con artist. Megan thinks Whip may be just what Brooke needs. She reminds Deacon that he will never be able to claim Brooke‘s child without ripping Bridget‘s heart out. Deacon is steaming when Bridget informs Megan that she caught Whip and Brooke making out. He barges in and warns Whip to keep his hands of Brooke. Whip urges Brooke to protect her children and notify Deacon it‘s over between them.