Ep. #3764

Season 16, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 3/29/2002
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To help cope with his situation, Massimo asks Ridge to reconsider his offer to take Taylor and the children to spend a year on his yacht in Portofino, no strings attached. Ridge considers the offer, grateful for Massimo‘s generosity. Massimo and Ridge admit they feel a connection to one another. Ridge notes that if Massimo wants to help him rebuild his life, he‘ll track down the person responsible for Rick‘s rise to power. Eric admits to Rick how disturbed he is by what happened to Ridge. He wonders how Rick managed to single-handedly take control of Forrester Creations from his brother. Eric wants Rick to reveal who was coaching him and finally pressures Rick into admitting that it was Massimo. Rick denies that Massimo used him but Eric insists that Massimo‘s reign of terror ends today. Eric bursts in on Massimo and Ridge. Eric promises Ridge that after he hears what he has to say, Ridge will hate Massimo as much as Eric does. Whip realizes that Deacon went with Brooke to her doctor‘s appointment. Whip warns Brooke to either confess to Bridget or take a firm stand with Deacon because every time she gives Deacon any hope at all, she threatens Bridget‘s marriage. Whip advises Brooke to let Deacon go and give a chance to someone who‘s crazy about her. Brooke insists that she can‘t pretend to have feelings for Whip any more than she can pretend she has none for Deacon. Whip confesses to Brooke that he wants to fill the hole in her heart left by Deacon and asks her to make love to him.