Ep. #3763

Season 16, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 3/28/2002
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Bridget is put off by Deacon‘s negative attitude. Deacon isn‘t surprised to hear the idea was Whip‘s and tells Bridget that she‘s going to embarrass herself. Rick suggests they test her and Bridget agrees to show what she can do on a runway. Deacon is worried that Bridget will make a fool of herself. Bridget enters in one of Amber‘s designs and puts on a performance. Whip, Amber and Rick react enthusiastically. Brooke recalls Ridge‘s days at Forrester and decides that it can‘t end like this. She visits Ridge, who warns her that someone is out there coaching Rick who has ulterior motives for destroying Ridge‘s career and getting Rick into the boardroom. Ridge asks Brooke about her sudden change in attitude toward Deacon. Brooke asks Ridge to come back to Forrester, but he refuses. Ridge questions Brooke about her pregnancy, and suggests that there‘s something that just doesn‘t add up. Brooke and Ridge banter about their relationship, and Brooke admits that she misses him. Ridge informs Brooke that he can‘t hold a pencil and needs another operation. When Ridge reveals that he may have to stop designing, Brooke insists that she won‘t let this destroy him. They embrace.