Ep. #3762

Season 16, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/27/2002
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Deacon and Brooke break apart when the nurse walks in on them. Brooke is concerned that they let their guard down and got too carried away. Deacon assures her it was a onetime occurrence because of the emotion of seeing their baby together for the first time. Whip is sure Bridget would love to be their head model and adds that it would give her more time to be with her husband. Amber isn‘t enthusiastic at first, but Whip points out that Bridget would help redefine the company image because every other Forrester has been touched by scandal. Amber informs Bridget that she wants her to be her new lead model. Bridget is intrigued, but says that she can‘t make a decision until she talks to Deacon. When Deacon hears the plan, he thinks they‘re joking. Stephanie explains to Massimo that designing is Ridge‘s passion. Ridge explains that the doctor has given no guarantees that he‘ll ever be able to work again. Massimo tells Ridge that right now, he‘s his own worst enemy. He should channel his anger into energy to fuel new and greater accomplishments. Massimo suggests that Ridge look at the accident as a gift that will force Ridge to explore new opportunities. Taylor and Stephanie are relieved when they see Ridge and Massimo toast each other.