Ep. #3761

Season 16, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/26/2002
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Amber and Rick wonder where Deacon is because they are picking the new head model for Amber‘s line. They are distressed with the models sent over by the agency. Whip tries to get a handle on what Amber is looking for and suggests that they need to go with an unknown. Rick and Amber are stunned when Whip says that Bridget would be perfect. Brooke and Deacon enjoy a few minutes alone and look forward to their first look at the baby. Brooke introduces Deacon to the doctor as her son-in-law. They are thrilled when they see the ultrasound image of the baby. Deacon and Brooke are alarmed when the doctor wants to take a closer look at something on the monitor. The doctor explains that the fetus is smaller than he expected and wonders if Brooke could have gotten pregnant a few weeks after she returned from Paris. When the doctor is gone, Deacon promises to keep Brooke safe, and they kiss passionately. Tears fill Sally‘s eyes as she shows Stephanie some of the items in Macy‘s room. Stephanie puts a hand on Sally‘s shoulder. Sally explains to Stephanie that Macy was her reason for being. Now Stephanie has taken away Massimo the way she‘s taken away everything else that was important to her. Stephanie points out that Sally set herself up for failure by blackmailing Massimo into spending time with her. In her anguish, Sally reveals to Stephanie that Macy was different because she loved Sally and was proud of her. She demands Stephanie get out, but Stephanie doesn‘t leave as she listens to Sally‘s sobs.