Ep. #3760

Season 16, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/25/2002
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Sally warns Stephanie that if she wants her secret to stay a secret, she‘d better shut up and get to work. Sally has been the Forrester punching bag for too many years. Stephanie advises Sally not to let her desire for revenge take over her life. Sally assures Stephanie that she‘s going to learn a lesson in humility and respect, and she can keep cleaning until she learns it. Sally cautions Stephanie to stay out of one particular room, or the whole world will know her secret. Stephanie can‘t resist, and goes into the room, which is a shrine to Macy. Sally is livid when she catches her. Brooke is adamant about going to her ultrasound appointment alone because, as she points out to Megan, she‘s going to be raising the baby alone. Deacon insists that there‘s nothing between Brooke and Whip and there never will be, but Whip accuses Deacon of being selfish and adds that Brooke deserves a life, too. Ridge is upset that he can‘t close his hand and tells the doctor that if it doesn‘t get better, he can‘t work. He declares that Rick, Amber and Deacon are responsible for crippling him. He breaks down, realizing he may never be able to draw again. Whip catches Brooke crying and suspects that it has to do with Deacon. He offers to go with her to the doctor, but Brooke declines. Megan remarks to Deacon that Brooke could do worse than Whip, but Deacon doesn‘t want to hear of it. Deacon is surprised that Brooke went to her appointment alone. Brooke is pleased when Deacon joins her in the examining room for the ultrasound.