Ep. #3640

Season 15, Episode 128 -  Air Date: 9/26/2001
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Stephanie informs Massimo that if she doesn‘t show up at Sally‘s, she‘ll go straight to Eric, but Massimo insists that Stephanie will lose all her power the minute she walks through Sally‘s door. Stephanie knows that Sally wants her to suffer but tries to reassure Massimo that she‘ll be fine. Sally confesses to Darla that she‘s discovered Stephanie‘s deepest darkest secret. Deacon explains to Amber that he has a promotion plan for her designs. He introduces Claudia and Nikki, two of Barker‘s Beauties from "The Price is Right", who are followed in by Bob Barker himself. Amber is ecstatic and admits to Bob what a fan she is of the show. Deacon explains that they‘ve worked it out to feature her outfits on "The Price is Right". The models love the clothes, and Rick agrees to pitch the idea to their CEO. Amber is thrilled that millions of people are going to see her work. Deacon praises that they‘re going to have a great collection all by themselves and who needs Ridge! Taylor tries to keep Ridge positive about the damage to his hand. When Ridge asks the doctor if he‘ll be able to draw again, the doctor admits there are no guarantees because of the seriousness of the injury. When the doctor examines his hand and Ridge feels pain, Ridge questions if that‘s a good sign, but he is panicked when he discovers that he can‘t hold a pen. When Stephanie arrives at Sally‘s, Sally hands her a maid‘s uniform and says that as of right now, Stephanie is her servant.