Ep. #3639

Season 15, Episode 127 -  Air Date: 9/25/2001
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Stephanie begs Sally not to do this to her family. She implores Sally not to rob Ridge‘s children of their name and their relatives just because Stephanie stole Sally‘s boyfriend. Sally tells Stephanie to give it up. Sally knows that she has everything that‘s important to Stephanie in the palm of her hand and Stephanie would do just about anything to keep her quiet. Stephanie confirms that she would do anything Sally wants to protect her family. Sally is intrigued with the idea. Whip confides in his mother that he and Brooke really hit it off last night. He wonders if a woman like Brooke could really be interested in a man like him. He daydreams about a future with Brooke and their baby. Eric tells Massimo that what he‘s doing is despicable and swears that there‘s nothing he can do to tear this family apart. He asks Massimo to leave so he can hear what Sally has to say. Sally claims it was just a misunderstanding that she and Stephanie have now straightened out. Eric orders Sally and Massimo out of the house. Sally tells Stephanie that she finally has her right where she wants her. Stephanie accuses her of extortion, but Sally calls it payback. She orders Stephanie to be at her house at nine a.m. tomorrow.