Ep. #3638

Season 15, Episode 126 -  Air Date: 9/24/2001
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Taylor informs Ridge that Stephanie and Massimo rushed out together. They wonder what the two of them are hiding. Taylor is saddened to think that Eric‘s dream of having Ridge take over the company can‘t come true after all his hard work and sacrifice. Ridge reminds Taylor that Eric may have lost him as a CEO, but he hasn‘t lost him as a son. Stephanie and Massimo burst in and try to get Sally to leave, but Sally insists that she‘s not going anywhere until she finishes what she has to say. Massimo tries to divert Eric‘s attention by telling Eric that Sally‘s there to warn him about Massimo‘s love for Stephanie. Eric insists Stephanie and Sally leave. Sally gives them five minutes and tells Stephanie that their delay tactic isn‘t going to work. Today, Sally is going to avenge all the torment Stephanie brought on her, and there‘s nothing Stephanie can do to stop her. Sally is dubious when Stephanie insists that she didn‘t know that Ridge was Massimo‘s son. Stephanie begs Sally not to reveal it to Eric, but Sally insists it‘s poetic justice. Eric senses the reason Massimo is there has to do with Sally. He reveals to Massimo that Sally threatened one of his children. Massimo covers, thinking on his feet, explaining that they would be devastated by the situation. Eric assures Massimo that he will never have Stephanie. Tony, Kristen and Darla explain to Clarke about Eric and Stephanie‘s separation and Sally‘s feelings for Massimo.