Ep. #3637

Season 15, Episode 125 -  Air Date: 9/21/2001
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Massimo insists that he wasn‘t using Sally, but she wants him to admit that Stephanie was the woman he wanted to end up with. She warns him that her broken heart is going to be a big problem for Stephanie and him. Sally informs Massimo that she‘s going to visit an old friend and give him some bad news. Taylor senses that there is more going on and asks Stephanie what she‘s holding back. Eric assures Ridge that he didn‘t betray him and it was never his intent to get Ridge out of the company. He asks Ridge to come back and promises him that someday he will run Forrester. Ridge doesn‘t think Eric can deliver on that promise. Eric implores that he‘d do anything to change Ridge‘s mind. He tells Ridge that he loves him and apologizes for the pain he‘s caused. Eric and Ridge embrace. Ridge explains to Stephanie and Taylor that he and Eric had a good talk, but Ridge can‘t go back and work at Forrester. Sally notes to Eric that he took away her daughter by bringing Brooke Logan into their lives. Now Sally is going to take away one of Eric‘s sons. She admits to him that it‘s more than a scandal; it‘s justice. Sally says that she has some very bad news for him. Massimo reveals to Stephanie how Sally found out about Ridge‘s paternity by eavesdropping at the restaurant. He explains what happened earlier and adds that he‘s afraid Sally has gone to see Eric.