Ep. #3636

Season 15, Episode 124 -  Air Date: 9/20/2001
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Kristen informs Eric that, according to Tony, Sally is obsessed with winning the heart of Massimo Marone. Sally locks the door and starts kissing Massimo. She realizes that he can‘t make love to her because of Stephanie. When Sally hears that not only have Stephanie and Ridge left Eric but they left the hospital with Massimo, Sally slaps him in the face. She accuses Massimo of using her and pretending to care so she wouldn‘t reveal his secret. She warns him that he‘s going to pay dearly. Taylor assures Stephanie that they‘ll get through this, but Stephanie knows that life will never be the same for Eric, Ridge or her. When Amber tells Ridge that he needs an attitude adjustment, Ridge says that she‘ll never amount to anything at Forrester. Amber demands he leave because they don‘t need him, then backpedals, suggesting that he could help her as a mentor and teacher. Ridge insists that the company is headed for disaster and he hopes Amber and Rick get exactly what they deserve. Brooke and Eric hear that Ridge is in the building to pick up the rest of his things. They head to his office, aware that Amber is working in there. Brooke admits to Ridge that they don‘t want him to leave. Ridge reminds them that their vision of Forrester Creations is different than his, so it‘s best that he goes because they could never work together. The Forrester employees assemble with gifts. He confesses that they were the best to work with, but now it‘s time for him to say good-bye. As he leaves alone, Ridge recalls his days at Forrester.