Ep. #3635

Season 15, Episode 123 -  Air Date: 9/19/2001
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Bridget appears in the leather pants she wore the night they met and starts to seduce Deacon. She is irritated when he interrupts to answer the phone, and tearfully asks him what‘s really going on because she deserves to know the truth. Deacon denies that he‘s having an affair. Brooke finally agrees to let Whip come in and he gives her a foot massage. He says that his job now is meeting her needs, but Brooke informs him emphatically that they won‘t be having sex. Whip disagrees and points out that she‘s the reason why he can‘t have sex with anyone else now. Brooke refuses to sleep with Whip just to prove that she‘s over Deacon. Whip insists that it‘s because she‘s not really over him. She‘s still having an affair of the heart, and that‘s not fair to anyone. When Deacon calls, Brooke advises him to make Bridget his priority now. She adds that she plans to move on with her life. She bids him good-bye, then hangs up in tears. Whip assures her that she did the right thing and has given Bridget a fighting chance to save her marriage. Bridget comes out to apologize to Deacon, and he kisses her passionately. After they make love, Bridget assures Deacon that he doesn‘t have to worry about Brooke. Clarke looks at the photo of Brooke and Whip and tells Tony that Brooke clearly isn‘t in love with him.