Ep. #3630

Season 15, Episode 118 -  Air Date: 9/5/2001
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Brooke stresses to Deacon that Bridget can never know the truth and they have to protect her at all costs. She tearfully asserts that she can‘t let Whip destroy her daughter. Deacon embraces Brooke as Bridget walks in. They cover, informing Bridget that Brooke is upset about Ridge. Bridget wants to get to know Whip better and tells Brooke and Deacon that she‘s arranged for the four of them to go out to dinner together tonight. When Brooke protests, Bridget wonders why Whip seems to be such a problem to her. Joy is shocked when Whip reveals that Brooke is pregnant by her own son-in-law. Whip explains that he plans to save Brooke‘s reputation, and Brooke will be helping them with their lifestyle. He assures his mother that this is the chance of a lifetime, and they‘re shifting into life in the fast lane. Amber is thrilled when three models come in wearing her trendy first designs. The models confess how much they love the outfits. Whip points out that he stood up for Brooke at the press conference. Brooke concedes that he helped her out and expresses her appreciation. He agrees to discuss where they go from here. He notes that he wants triple his salary, a company car and a house. Whip advises Brooke that he‘s through dancing to her tune and now he wants a little respect. Bridget tells Deacon that they have to make sure the father of Brooke‘s baby is a part of her life. Deacon warns her that Whip is an opportunist who has taken advantage of Brooke and not to go anywhere near him.