Ep. #3629

Season 15, Episode 117 -  Air Date: 9/4/2001
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Ridge tells Eric that there‘s nothing to discuss. He and Stephanie are leaving with Massimo and Eric has to accept it just as Ridge has had to accept what happened at the Board meeting. Ridge assures Eric that he‘s been a great father and teacher, and thanks him for everything. Ridge and Massimo give Stephanie and Eric some time alone. Eric promises Stephanie they can work things out and that he needs her. Stephanie insists that his loyalties lie with Brooke and his children with her. Both are in tears as Eric begs Stephanie not to do this. Amber insists that she wasn‘t responsible for what happened to Ridge, but Bridget believes she was the catalyst. Amber has no sympathy for Ridge and informs Bridget the company needed some new blood anyway. Josh comes up from the cutting room and announces that Amber‘s going to be a big success and that all the sewers are crazy about her designs. Kristen is concerned when she hears that Massimo is at the hospital with Stephanie and Ridge. Thorne insists that Massimo‘s not a threat and Stephanie would never fall for him. Eric accuses Massimo of planning what happened and wants to know what he offered Ridge. He tells Massimo that if he‘s half the man he claims to be, he won‘t tear Eric‘s family apart. As Massimo, Stephanie and Ridge get in the elevator together, Eric begs Ridge and Stephanie not to leave him, but the elevator doors close, leaving Eric alone.