Ep. #3628

Season 15, Episode 116 -  Air Date: 8/31/2001
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Rick tries to stop the bleeding. When Ridge realizes he can‘t feel his hand, he finally lets Rick take him to the hospital. Stephanie tells Massimo that Forrester won‘t survive without Ridge, but Massimo points out that Ridge will survive without Forrester. He urges Stephanie to leave Eric and start over with him. Stephanie attempts to call Ridge, but Amber answers and informs her about the accident. Massimo offers to take Stephanie to the hospital. The doctor tells Rick that Ridge is out of surgery, but it‘s too soon to give a prognosis because there was considerable nerve and bone damage. Ridge orders Rick out of his room. As the doctor examines him, Ridge is unable to move his fingers. Stephanie rushes in. Ridge wonders what happened to Eric and why he turned on them. Tony fills Sally in about what happened at Forrester. He thinks that Ridge could get a job anywhere but adds that Stephanie won‘t leave because she‘s married to Eric. Sally wonders about Stephanie‘s other option. She warns Tony that something is about to happen at Forrester that is worse than any of Brooke‘s scandals. When Amber notifies Eric about the fight, Eric wants to know which hand Ridge damaged. Deacon hopes Ridge‘s hand will be okay and wonders what is going on at the hospital. Eric apologizes to Ridge and assures him that he wants Deacon out of the company no matter what Brooke says. Ridge notes to Eric that he‘s not leaving the hospital with him and he‘s never going back to Forrester. Stephanie adds that she‘s not going home either. Eric is shocked when Massimo says that they‘re going home with him.