Ep. #3626

Season 15, Episode 114 -  Air Date: 8/29/2001
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Deacon promises Brooke that he will handle Whip, and Brooke should just follow his lead. He suggests that Brooke mend fences with Amber because she is already suspicious of Deacon‘s trip and they may need her someday. Stephanie tries to reassure Ridge when he tells her about Amber‘s ambition to be a designer. She‘s certain that Eric wouldn‘t let Brooke challenge Ridge‘s authority as head designer. Kristen informs Thorne and Eric that Amber is designing and hopes to have her own line. Eric assures them that Brooke will deal with the situation if it comes up, and she is no fan of Amber‘s. He feels that in order to keep peace in the company, they have to support Brooke right now. Rick is enthusiastic about Amber‘s design and sees it as a way to tap into the younger market. When they show Brooke the design, she says that Amber is very talented. Rick wants to put it into production, but Brooke is hesitant because of Ridge. Brooke reconsiders, knowing it would mean a lot to Amber. Rick is proud of Amber, who is thrilled and believes that no one can call her trailer trash again. When the Board meeting starts, Rick passes out copies of Amber‘s design and announces that Brooke has approved it for production. Ridge and Stephanie are stunned when, rather than fighting the idea, Eric congratulates Amber. Ridge notes that he‘s the only one qualified to run the company and asks Brooke to make him CEO again or he‘ll walk. Eric is furious and takes a vote to see if the Board accepts Ridge‘s resignation. Ridge can‘t believe they are voting him out.