Ep. #3624

Season 15, Episode 112 -  Air Date: 8/27/2001
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Bridget confesses to Deacon that her mother‘s life seems to be one scandal after another, but Bridget‘s able to handle it this time because their marriage is stable and sane, and nothing Brooke does can touch that. Bridget adds that maybe their relationship will set a good example for Brooke and someday she‘ll find someone wonderful like Deacon. Whip proudly shows Joy the newspaper‘s front page photo proclaiming him as the father of Brooke‘s baby. When Joy wonders how far he plans to take this, Whip replies that it depends on how much he can get away with. Deacon tells himself that he has to be a father to Brooke‘s baby even if he can‘t say that‘s who he is. He has to make sure Whip doesn‘t get in his way. Brooke admits to Megan that she doesn‘t trust Whip, but right now the whole mess is worth it if it helps protect Bridget. Brooke plans to give Whip a promotion and ship him off to International long before the baby arrives. She is stunned when Whip comes in with some reporters who start snapping pictures of the two of them. Megan slips out and notifies Deacon that Brooke needs help. When the reporters are gone, Whip tries to guess who the father is and assumes from Brooke‘s reaction that it must be someone wildly inappropriate. Deacon bursts in and hears Brooke warns Whip not to touch her. Deacon punches Whip, who puts it all together and realizes Deacon must be the baby‘s real father.