Ep. #3622

Season 15, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 8/23/2001
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Thorne wonders if Ridge would leave the company, but Eric assures him that Ridge‘s place is at Forrester and he‘ll come around in a few days. Eric tells Thorne that they need Ridge, and the company could not survive if Ridge and Stephanie were not a part of it. Ridge concedes that he‘s less upset with Brooke than he is at Eric‘s lack of support. Deacon is enraged when he and Brooke walk into Brooke‘s office and catch Whip regaling a couple of reporters with stories about his relationship with Brooke. Brooke reminds him that he‘s not supposed to give interviews. When she admits that she told Deacon that Whip‘s not the father of her baby, Whip suggests that Deacon must know who the real father is. Brooke insists that she hasn‘t told anyone. Brooke apologizes for not expressing her appreciation to Whip for helping her out. Whip implies that he‘ll keep looking for the identity of the real father if Deacon doesn‘t apologize as well. When Brooke urges Deacon to cooperate, Deacon does so begrudgingly. Ridge tells Massimo that he can‘t just leave the company because there will be no one left to fight Brooke. Massimo informs Ridge that he wants him to run Marone Enterprises. He offers Ridge a choice between a life of fulfillment and what he has now -- no control and no power. He fervently asks Stephanie and Ridge to go with him. Deacon and Brooke admit how much they want each other. Brooke wonders how things got so out of control, and what they‘re going to do. They embrace.