Ep. #3621

Season 15, Episode 109 -  Air Date: 8/22/2001
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Brooke wants to know why Whip announced he‘s the father of her baby and warns him this isn‘t going to get him a promotion. Whip informs Brooke that she needs him and wants to know who the real father is. Brooke refuses to tell him and orders him not to talk to reporters. Whip assures Brooke that he‘s trying to help her. Bridget tries to make sense of what‘s happened. She notes that Deacon doesn‘t seem that surprised and wonders what he knows about the situation. Bridget insists that something isn‘t right and she‘s going to find out what it is. Eric, Thorne and Kristen try to figure out how to put a positive spin on the story, but Ridge insists that after today, Forrester Creations as they know it no longer exists. Ridge says that this is war, but Eric counters that you don‘t wage war on your family. Eric insists that he‘s choosing his battles, but meanwhile he‘s working for the success of the company. He adds that if Ridge doesn‘t want to be a part of it, he should get out. tephanie can‘t believe how alienated she feels from her own family. Massimo points out that she can never respect Eric after this. He swears that only he can love Stephanie the way she deserves to be loved. They embrace as Ridge walks in. Massimo tells Ridge that his future is not at Forrester Creations and he thinks Ridge finally realizes that. Deacon confronts Whip and warns him not to hurt Brooke if he wants to stay alive.