Ep. #3619

Season 15, Episode 107 -  Air Date: 8/20/2001
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Brooke is panicked as the reporters press for information, with Stephanie egging them on. They are all stunned when Whip steps forward and identifies himself as the father of Brooke‘s baby. Massimo is upset when Greg calls to inform him about the scandal and the mayhem at the press conference. Massimo tells Sally that since Eric let Brooke steal the company, she has disgraced the family and the Forrester name. He adds that Ridge and Stephanie deserve better. Whip explains to reporters that his relationship with Brooke is private, but they‘re very happy about the baby. The reporters have a field day, clamoring for answers with Whip mugging for the cameras until Rick clears the room. Stephanie asks Rick if Brooke is trying to destroy the company. Bridget can‘t believe Whip and Brooke are having a baby. Whip tries to stand up for Brooke, but Stephanie orders him out. Stephanie wants to go to Brooke‘s office and demand her resignation. Deacon warns Brooke that he doesn‘t trust Whip and is sure he‘s up to something. Deacon promises to be there for Brooke and kisses her passionately. Bridget comes to the door and asks Brooke what‘s going on. Brooke apologizes, but Bridget is just trying to understand. When Bridget inquires if Brooke loves the baby‘s father, Brooke responds that she does.