Ep. #3617

Season 15, Episode 105 -  Air Date: 8/16/2001
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As Deacon goes over the last minute plans for the press conference, Whip is stunned that Rick will be taking the questions, not Brooke. Brooke admits to Deacon that she‘s worried that someone will ask about her weight gain. Ridge wants Eric and Thorne to boycott the press conference, but Eric insists that if they do, it will show the world the company - and the family - in disarray. He doesn‘t want their dirty laundry aired in front of the press. Eric urges Ridge to let them move on as a family, but Ridge declares that more and more, he feels as if he isn‘t part of the family. Eric assures Ridge that he‘d fight Brooke if he thought there was any chance of changing her mind. Ridge feels betrayed by both Eric and Thorne. Stephanie refuses to back down and insists that Amber tell her what Brooke doesn‘t want anyone to know. Amber finally agrees to, explaining that Brooke has an eating disorder, but Stephanie knows she‘s lying. Stephanie‘s sure it involves a man, and finally guesses that Brooke is pregnant. Whip remarks to Rick that you have to be a Forrester or married to one to make it there. He maintains that he‘s the most qualified person to run the department. Deacon embraces Brooke and urges her not to stress. He reassures her that everything‘s under control. Deacon confesses to Brooke that he loves the baby and her. The world will never know it, but she will. Stephanie reveals to Ridge and Thorne that Brooke is pregnant.