Ep. #3616

Season 15, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 8/15/2001
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Ridge admits to Stephanie that Massimo is more aware of what he‘s going through than his own father. Ridge is upset with his family‘s passivity. He‘s certain they could have driven Brooke out of the company if they had wanted to. Stephanie urges Ridge to stay at Forrester and fight. Deacon reviews his plans for his first promotional event, "The New Face of Forrester," which includes the reintroduction of the bedroom line. Ridge walks in on Deacon, Bridget and Rick. When they suggest they could use his advice, Ridge tells them they can all go to hell. Ridge refuses to help the company sell underwear. He declares if they really wanted to do what was best for Forrester, they‘d go to Brooke‘s office and resign, but he knows they won‘t do that because they‘ve gotten a taste of power that they stole rather than earned. He assures Deacon and Rick that they‘re both going to fail. Whip insists that he‘s been groomed for the job and wants to know why Brooke gave someone without experience the department head job. Brooke threatens to fire him for insubordination. Stephanie confronts Brooke, saying that she‘s out of control. She swears that Brooke is in for the fight of her life. Brooke maintains that Forrester Creations will always be run according to her vision and style. Stephanie fumes that she‘s never hated Brooke more and assures her that she can‘t run the company without Ridge. Stephanie swears that somehow, she will destroy Brooke. Amber wants Brooke to confide in her, but Brooke refuses to reveal who fathered her baby. Amber finds herself face to face with Stephanie, who demands to know what Brooke‘s secret is.