Ep. #3615

Season 15, Episode 103 -  Air Date: 8/14/2001
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Ridge is unnerved that Massimo seems to know him so well. Massimo is certain that some day Ridge will look back on this crisis as the greatest opportunity of his life. Massimo assures Ridge that a door has just been opened. Deacon is checking out his new office when he meets Whip, the man who used to run Deacon‘s department. Whip points out that without his help, Deacon will fall flat on his face. Whip is condescending, declaring that Deacon has no qualification except to pour drinks at the next fashion show. Deacon tells Whip he‘s lucky to have a job if that‘s the way he talks to his superiors. He threatens to fire Whip if he doesn‘t make a major attitude adjustment. Eric reveals to Stephanie that Brooke came back, with Deacon‘s help, and made Rick vice president and Deacon the head of promotions. Stephanie is enraged when she hears that Brooke fired Ridge as CEO, especially when Eric seems so accepting of the situation. Whip wants to talk to Brooke about Deacon. He asks Brooke if she‘s trying to sabotage the company. Whip swears to Brooke that he‘s not going to cover for Deacon. Instead, he‘s going to make Deacon and Brooke the center of attention until he gets some answers about why Brooke hired him. Ridge fills Stephanie in on his meeting with Massimo and concedes that Massimo is an amazing man.