Ep. #3614

Season 15, Episode 102 -  Air Date: 8/13/2001
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Megan insists that Brooke and Deacon are in love and pretending they‘re not won‘t help anyone, especially the baby. Megan is sure Bridget would recover, but Brooke insists that you can‘t build a life on someone else‘s pain. Brooke admits that she‘ll never stop loving Deacon. They worry about Amber figuring out the truth because she knew that Deacon didn‘t really go to Las Vegas. Stephanie is recalling Massimo‘s kiss when Eric arrives. She rushes into his arms. She tearfully tells Eric about the night she went over to Sally‘s when she knew Massimo was there. She confesses that she felt guilty and confused and implores Eric not to question her commitment to their marriage. Eric urges her to look at their children, especially Ridge, if she ever doubts their bond. Ridge wants Thorne and Kristen to help plan their next move, but Kristen insists that she‘s not interested in waging war against her own family. She reminds Ridge that Rick is their brother, not their enemy. Ridge is frustrated, having expected them to be his allies. Massimo says to Sally that this will be a painful moment of truth for Ridge as he realizes that his family won‘t rally around his cause. Massimo wishes there was some way to let Ridge know what Massimo has in store for his future. Massimo finds Ridge at the Café Russe and tells Ridge that his family will never be on the battlefield with him because it‘s not their style. Massimo urges Ridge to fight for what he believes in and calls him a visionary. Massimo is thrilled when Ridge thanks him.