Ep. #3613

Season 15, Episode 101 -  Air Date: 8/10/2001
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Amber can‘t believe that her baby‘s grandma is having a baby. She asks Brooke who the father is. Amber guesses that it‘s Ridge, but Brooke denies it and refuses to discuss the matter. Brooke asks Amber not to tell Rick for a few more weeks, but Amber insists that she can‘t remain quiet because keeping secrets from Rick has caused too many problems in her marriage. Brooke finally convinces Amber to wait. When Megan asks Eric how Stephanie is taking the upheaval at Forrester, Eric admits that he hasn‘t told her yet because she left town a few days ago to get away from the situation. In Rick‘s new office, Deacon tells Rick how much he appreciates the opportunity Brooke has given him. Rick admits he‘s beginning to trust Deacon because of his commitment to Little Eric. He adds that no real man could turn his back on his child. When Rick is gone, Megan tells Deacon she knows he wants to protect Brooke, but how can he turn his back on the child Brooke is carrying? Deacon doesn‘t feel he has a choice. He knows what he‘s losing, but it doesn‘t change a thing. Stephanie calls Eric in tears. She tells him something is very wrong and she asks him to meet her at the cabin. Brooke tells Deacon and Megan that Amber knows about the baby. Megan urges Brooke not to walk away from the man she loves and the father of her baby.