Ep. #3612

Season 15, Episode 100 -  Air Date: 8/9/2001
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Amber wonders what happened to change the way Brooke feels about Deacon. She and Bridget also wonder what was bothering Brooke so much that she left town to begin with. Bridget admits that Deacon has been preoccupied lately and they haven‘t been very intimate. Brooke confesses to Deacon that she wasn‘t thinking straight when she offered him the job. Deacon is disappointed and tells Brooke that this was his opportunity to make something of himself. He insists that he needs the job to keep his mind off her. Brooke doesn‘t believe they can hide the truth if they‘re together everyday and they can‘t take that chance. Deacon tells Brooke that he made the biggest sacrifice of his life for her, but he needs the job as a distraction so he won‘t think of everything he‘s lost. Brooke relents, and Deacon promises she won‘t regret it. Ridge declares that Rick is going to crash and burn, and Ridge won‘t be there to pull him from the wreckage. Rick reminds Ridge that they‘re all family and they‘re in this together. He asks Ridge to put what‘s happened behind them. Ridge says that the rest of the family doesn‘t have time to give him on the job training; he‘ll have to get it somewhere else. Ridge gets in Rick‘s face and wants to know who‘s been coaching him. When Rick doesn‘t tell him, Ridge slams him against the wall. Rick reminds Ridge that he‘s his superior and if Ridge treats him this way at work, Rick will fire him. Amber is stunned when she sees Brooke looking at herself in the mirror and realizes Brooke is pregnant.