Ep. #3611

Season 15, Episode 99 -  Air Date: 8/8/2001
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Rick tells Amber that he wants to patch things up with Ridge. Amber urges Rick to give Ridge a few days to cool off first, but Rick insists that he and Ridge can‘t work together until they get past what‘s happened. Deacon tells Bridget how much his new job means to him. Ridge decides he has to go in to work, but admits to Taylor that he‘d better not run into Deacon or Rick. Taylor is leaving for the office when Rick arrives to see Ridge. When Rick says he wants to talk, Ridge responds that Rick knifed him in the back. Rick promises to treat Ridge fairly and not upstage him in exchange for Ridge‘s respect. Ridge angrily accuses Rick of being condescending and patronizing and warns him to get out. Rick refuses to leave. Brooke instructs Megan to start taking orders on the lingerie line again and adds that she hopes she‘ll be able to conceal her pregnancy for another month. Megan questions whether Brooke and Deacon will be able to hide their feelings for each other. Brooke has second thoughts about her decision to hire Deacon. Brooke calls Deacon and asks him to stop by the house. Deacon raves to Brooke how excited he is and he promises not to let her down. Brooke admits that she can‘t let him work at Forrester because it will be too hard for them to be in the same building.