Ep. #3610

Season 15, Episode 98 -  Air Date: 8/7/2001
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Brooke tells Ridge that from now on their relationship is strictly professional. Ridge apologizes, but Brooke insists that Ridge betrayed her by deliberately changing the focus of the company while she was on sick leave. Brooke declares that he doesn‘t have the power to hurt her anymore. She adds that she‘s not bitter, she‘s just no longer vulnerable to his charm. Ridge asks Brooke who‘s been coaching Rick because he is obviously out to get Ridge. Brooke admits that she doesn‘t know - or care. When Ridge questions Brooke‘s decision to hire Rick and Deacon, Brooke says that she‘s hiring people she can trust - just like he did. Ridge promises Brooke that he‘s going to stop her, and whoever helped Rick is going to pay a high price. Amber is thrilled with Rick‘s promotion. They agree that Ridge can‘t find out that Massimo masterminded Ridge‘s downfall. Rick wants to see Massimo to thank him, and to find out why Massimo helped him. Massimo asks Greg to deliver a package to Ridge and fantasizes about Ridge working side by side with him for his company. Rick gives Massimo an ultimatum: either he tells Rick what his interests are in all this, or Rick blows Massimo‘s cover with Ridge. Massimo tries to convince Rick that he‘s not a threat to Ridge. Rick is certain that Massimo is lying when he claims he helped Rick out of repentance for what he did to Brooke and her parents. Brooke asks Megan if she knows who helped Rick, but she has no idea. Ridge opens the package, which contains the framed saying, "Out of life‘s tragedies comes true greatness." He slams it down in rage, swearing he will bring down whoever has done this to him.