Ep. #3609

Season 15, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 8/6/2001
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Ridge maintains that he made a legitimate business decision, but Brooke insists that he made a big mistake. Ridge is shocked when Jonathan confirms that Brooke made it back in time. He explains that he can‘t notarize the vote in good faith because Brooke‘s obviously not incapacitated. Ridge realizes that Rick was the one who called Brooke, and Deacon explains how he figured out what Ridge was up to. Ridge is sure Rick is working with someone who wants to destroy Ridge and demands to know who it is. Eric tells everyone to calm down. Brooke declares that she can never trust Ridge again and fires him as CEO. She names Rick her new vice president and tells Ridge he can continue as head designer. When Thorne calls Rick‘s promotion ridiculous, Brooke responds that it‘s as ridiculous as putting Taylor on the board or canceling the bedroom line. She also names Deacon the new head of promotions. Bridget fills Tony in on Ridge‘s move to take over the company. Bridget wishes someone would stop the fighting between Ridge and Rick. Massimo is concerned that he hasn‘t heard from Rick yet about the meeting. His only hope is that Ridge‘s plan fails and the family turns on him, which would leave Ridge free from Forrester. Greg calls Massimo to alert him about what happened at the board meeting. Massimo is pleased, certain that this is the end for Ridge at Forrester Creations.