Ep. #3608

Season 15, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 8/3/2001
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Tony confides in Sally about what‘s going on at Forrester, and expresses his concern about the family infighting. Massimo interrupts, and shares his frustration with Sally over the prospect of Ridge being chained to Forrester for the rest of his life. Massimo admits that it was a brilliant strategic move on Ridge‘s part because once the vote is passed, there‘s nothing Brooke can do to reverse it. Deacon tries to prepare Brooke for the worst. Rick informs Ridge that Brooke is on her way back, but Ridge insists it‘s too late and the vote‘s been taken. Kristen reminds Rick that Brooke still owns most of the stock and Thorne adds that she‘ll have a vote on the board when she comes back. When Connor arrives at the boardroom, Ridge announces that Brooke is no longer in charge. Connor looks over the paperwork, then concedes to Ridge that he‘s scummy but ingenious. When Brooke and Deacon burst in, Connor asks Ridge to tell Brooke the news himself. Brooke accuses all the Forresters of betraying her. She declares that they stole her company and destroyed her children‘s legacy, and she will never forgive any of them. Ridge maintains that he didn‘t do this to hurt her. Greg comes in and reports to Brooke that the project she asked him to start is underway. Connor asks Greg what time Brooke called him, and what time the board voted on Ridge‘s amendment. Connor proclaims that Brooke was acting as CEO minutes before the vote, so Ridge had no right to vote on her behalf. Alarmed, Ridge wants Jonathan to tell him this is a ploy.