Ep. #3606

Season 15, Episode 94 -  Air Date: 8/1/2001
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Jonathan confirms that Ridge controls Brooke‘s share of the company as long as she remains incapacitated. When Ridge asks about changing the company by-laws, Jonathan informs Ridge that he‘ll need board approval and wants to know what Ridge is up to. Ridge wants to call a board meeting immediately and explains to Taylor that it‘s an opportunity to get the company back after all these years. He wants to call for a vote now before Rick gets wind of it. Jonathan warns Ridge that if Rick finds out what he‘s doing and succeeds in stopping him, he‘s certain that Ridge will no longer be CEO. Deacon bursts in on Amber and Rick and shows them the power of attorney folder. Rick assures Deacon he‘ll handle it and calls Massimo. On the way to see Massimo, Rick phones Megan, who tells him that something‘s going on and he should get over to Forrester as soon as possible. Massimo looks at the document and deduces that Ridge plans to neutralize Brooke. Ridge intends to put management of Forrester in the hands of the board of directors, which is controlled by his family. Massimo tells Rick that he has to stop Ridge. Ridge assembles the board and informs his family that they day has finally come for them to take back their company.