Ep. #3604

Season 15, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 7/30/2001
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Massimo reviews his strategy of supporting Rick so Ridge will leave Forrester in frustration. Rick thanks Massimo, telling him that the meeting went so well that there‘s no way Ridge can deny him a place on the Board of Directors and the chance to block everything Ridge tries to do. Massimo wonders if Bridget‘s husband will want to get involved with the company. He suggests that a man like Deacon could be helpful to Rick. Massimo tells Rick that it‘s essential that Ridge never finds out that Massimo has been coaching him. He warns Rick that he won‘t be able to stop Ridge alone, but Rick isn‘t interested in an alliance with Deacon. Rick wonders why Massimo is so passionate about him running Forrester. Amber confronts Deacon about lying to Bridget about the trip to Las Vegas. Deacon refuses to say where he really was but threatens to strangle Amber if she mentions his deception to Bridget. Deacon tells Amber that he‘s willing to support Rick in his battle against Ridge. Ridge scans the company by-laws looking for something that will help him stop Rick and wants to know who has Brooke‘s power of attorney. He searches for the document, knowing whoever she designated holds the key to Ridge‘s future.