Ep. #3603

Season 15, Episode 91 -  Air Date: 7/27/2001
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Darla helps Sally with her last minute plans for her date tonight, and notes that Massimo‘s in for a wild ride. Sally tells Massimo that her only goal for the evening to help him relax and have fun. She wants to show him how much fun they could have together. She admits that keeping his secret has been torture, knowing what it would do to Stephanie if the truth came out. While Eric is working late, Stephanie looks through mementos from her relationship with Massimo. Sally calls Stephanie and makes sure Stephanie can hear Massimo‘s voice in the background so she‘ll know they‘re together. Sally dims the lights and vamps to "Mustang Sally." After her dance, Sally asks if Massimo could imagine Stephanie putting on a show like that. She tells him she‘s going to change for the grand finale. Stephanie shows up at the door and warns Massimo that becoming involved with Sally will only bring him embarrassment. Massimo urges Stephanie to give in to her own feelings for him. They kiss, and he tells Stephanie how much he wants her back.