Ep. #3602

Season 15, Episode 90 -  Air Date: 7/26/2001
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Brooke gets angry when she realizes Ridge was trying to embarrass Rick at the meeting. But it pleased to hear that Rick shocked everyone especially Ridge at the meeting. She wonders who might have been coaching Rick. Megan wants Brooke to admit that Deacon is in love with her. She can‘t believe that Brooke can‘t see how wrong it is to deny her feelings for Deacon and the fact that he‘s the father of her child. Brooke insists that there‘s no other way. Deacon is doing this to protect Brooke, Bridget and the baby. Ridge and Taylor spot Massimo with Sally. Ridge doesn‘t care who Massimo‘s with as long as he stays away from them. Massimo explains to Sally that Ridge would be furious if he found out that Massimo was behind his problems with Rick, but someday he‘ll see that Massimo has to set Ridge free from Forrester to help him realize his true potential. Massimo sends an expensive bottle of champagne to Ridge and Taylor‘s table. Massimo is crushed when Ridge takes the open bottle and turns it upside down in the ice bucket. Bridget enjoys her evening with Deacon but admits that she‘s sad for her mother. Bridget tells Deacon that except for Ridge, no man has ever been able to resist Brooke. Deacon sends Bridget ahead when she wants to go down to his apartment. Deacon tells himself that he‘s protecting Bridget and doing what Brooke asked him to do. He fantasizes about being at Brooke‘s side when their baby is born. Bridget returns wearing her coat, but nothing underneath. Deacon kisses her.