Ep. #3601

Season 15, Episode 89 -  Air Date: 7/25/2001
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Amber doesn‘t believe Massimo when he insists he was trying to help Rick. Massimo puts Rick on the speakerphone when he calls to thank Massimo for his help and tell him how well things went at the meeting. Hearing Rick, Amber is thrilled and hugs Massimo in gratitude. She‘s excited Ridge will have to take Rick seriously now and apologizes for what she said earlier. Ridge tells Eric that someone is out there encouraging Rick to cause problems for them. They try to figure out where Rick turned for his business advice. Megan confronts Deacon about going to see Brooke, but he turns around and accuses her of knowing all along that Brooke is pregnant with his child. Deacon tells Bridget he needs to talk to her. He takes her to the roof where he has set a romantic candlelight dinner for two. Deacon promises Bridget he‘s going to put everything he has into making their marriage work. Amber kisses Rick and tells him how proud she is of him. She adds Massimo thinks Rick will wind up in charge of Forrester one day. Ridge tells Taylor someone is obviously using Rick to get to him. Massimo watches them from across the restaurant and wishes he didn‘t have to put Ridge through the difficult times which lie ahead. Massimo is equally sure in the end it will be worth it and Ridge will thank him.