Ep. #3598

Season 15, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 7/20/2001
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Rick realizes he isn‘t ready and has second thoughts about going to the meeting, but Amber won‘t hear of it. Rick reads a note from Massimo with an urgent request to go to his office.Stephanie notes Ridge intentionally has chosen some heavy topics for the board meeting. Eric tells Ridge he‘s made his point and to leave Rick alone. Ridge refuses to change the agenda for the meeting. Eric isn‘t happy about the animosity between Rick and Ridge, but Ridge points out Rick questioned his authority in front of the board and he won‘t stand for it.Stephanie tells Eric if Rick doesn‘t feel prepared to discuss the topics, there‘s no way he‘ll show up at the meeting.Massimo tells Sally he must win Ridge‘s respect before Ridge learns the truth and he‘s already put a plan into action. Massimo plans to give Rick the tools he needs to take over Forrester and set Ridge free from a company where he can never achieve his full potential. Rick tells Massimo to leave his family alone, and is about to go when Massimo mentions the meeting and wonders if Rick needs any help. Massimo tells Rick if he does as he says, he guarantees Rick will run his father‘s company. Massimo tells himself Ridge would then take over his own.