Ep. #3596

Season 15, Episode 84 -  Air Date: 7/18/2001
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Ridge tells Taylor that Rick has a lot to learn, and needs to pay his dues the way Ridge did.Deacon wants Brooke to go with him and tell Bridget the whole truth tonight. He insists Bridget will have to accept what‘s happened.Amber makes an entrance, proclaiming herself to be a great Forrester designer, unaware Stephanie has stopped by to see Rick. Stephanie pointedly tells them running a company is about more than having fun. Rick tells Stephanie while they are ripping years of Brooke‘s hard work to shreds, he is worried sick about his mother. He asks Stephanie to leave. Deacon tells Brooke as soon as the divorce is final, they‘ll be married. Bridget doesn‘t need him, but Brooke and the baby do. Brooke tells Deacon she wishes she could share his dream, but she can‘t let him break Bridget‘s heart again. Deacon asks Brooke if she could live with herself knowing she‘s denied her child a father and herself a life with a man who loves her. Brooke tells Deacon she would make any sacrifice to be with him – except her children. If Rick and Bridget don‘t know the truth, they will love Brooke‘s child and the baby will grow up with a supportive extended family. Brooke tells Deacon she‘s sorry, but the baby will never know Deacon is his father.