Ep. #3595

Season 15, Episode 83 -  Air Date: 7/17/2001
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Brooke tries to convince Deacon the vitamins are for Amber, but Deacon does not believe her lies and wants Brooke to admit she‘s pregnant. When Brooke finally does, Deacon can hardly believe Brooke is having his child. Brooke wants Deacon to go back to L.A. and keep her secret, adding Bridget can never find out what Brooke has done to her. She knows Bridget would hate them both, but Deacon tells Brooke the baby is a blessing and she can‘t ask him to deny his paternity. Deacon tells Brooke he‘s going to leave Bridget and ask for a divorce so the two of them can raise their baby together and live as a family.Amber stops in to see Bridget and asks how Deacon‘s business trip is going. Bridget admits that she hasn‘t heard from him. Amber still continuning to fish for information comments on how much Bridget seems to trust Deacon. Bridget is certain Deacon would never cheat on her. Tony and Kristen marvel at how much Zende has brought to their lives. Tony promises Zende that no matter what happens, they will never stop loving him because they are a family. Kristen tells Tony they have to give Zende love and security and a whole new way of looking at life.